How To Get More Fitness-Focused Patients Into Your Chiropractic Client’s Office.

How To Get More Fitness-Focused Patients Into Your Chiropractic Client’s Office.

What would you say if I told you I could teach you how to grow any chiropractic business within 2-3 months? You could learn how to turn on a flow of new clients, just like turning on your kitchen faucet. 

If you were a chiropractor you’d think that was an irresistible offer, right? 

But even if you’re not a chiropractor, there are probably a dozen chiropractic offices a short drive from your house. You could approach any of them and offer this as a service, you’d soon be running a thriving digital marketing agency. 

So if you’re already an agency owner looking for new clients, or even if you’re an aspiring online entrepreneur looking for your big opportunity, you’re in the right place. 

In this article, you’re going to learn a step-by-step strategy that you can start implementing today. In fact, this isn’t just an article… if you take action, it’s essentially a new income stream.  

Critical Details That Create Enormous Returns

Here’s what we’re going to do in a nutshell:

We’re going to create a freebie to entice new clients to come into the chiropractic office. 

You might be scratching your head and thinking, “What’s so groundbreaking about that? Businesses use free giveaways all the time.”

But here’s the thing… if you do this incorrectly, you will waste an enormous amount of time and money. And unfortunately this is what most businesses do. They don’t understand how many critical details there are. So they end up working their butts off servicing low-quality customers that never return. Then they shrug their shoulder and assume this strategy doesn’t work. 

If you follow this strategy exactly how it’s laid out here, it will change your business forever. It will change your chiropractic clients’ businesses and your digital agency. 

It all comes down to targeting a specific kind of client, not just anyone. And it also comes down to nailing a few very specific nuances. 

Here’s how to do it…

Turning A Product Into An Irresistible Offer

The first step is to craft the perfect freebie that is going to bring new clients through the door in droves. And it’s not as simple as just saying, “Come in and your first visit is free!” 

There are 4 things we need to accomplish:

  1. Pick a specific audience. 

If you try to appeal to everyone, you won’t get anyone’s attention. You need to pick a specific niche so you can speak directly to them. 

In this case we’re going to focus on women age 25-35. 

I hate to say it, but over my career I’ve wasted a ton of money targeting men for chiropractic offers, and the fact is that women are simply smarter and more proactive when it comes to health care. I want to save you money so trust me… target women. 

Women are generally the gatekeepers for their family’s health. They are the ones making decisions for their children and most likely their husbands too. Getting females in the office is generally the first way to get the entire family into the office.

They’re also much more likely to tell their friends and family about you if you can give them a great experience. 

  1. Pick a specific situation. 

Even though we’ve defined our niche, we still don’t want to target all women. We’ll just end up wasting advertising dollars. 

We want to find a reason to target females, something that is going to grab their attention and help us determine that they’re motivated buyers. 

In this case, we’re going to target Crossfitters. People who do Crossfit care about their health, they’re dedicated which means they’re more likely to take the chiropractor’s advice, which also means they’re more likely to get good results, and they also beat their bodies up during their workouts. 

All of these factors suggest they need chiropractic services, we can get results for them, and getting great results means they will be great testimonials.

  1. Pick a high-value service.

Now that we know we’re focusing on female Crossfitters that are 25-35, we have to find something that is going to be extremely valuable for them. We’re going to offer a free 15-minute chair massage. Moms are constantly on the go. They’re running errands, they’re picking up kids, they’re loading and unloading the car… not to mention they rarely get to take time for themselves. This means a free massage is not only going to be great for their physical health, but great for their stress levels too.

I always tell the chiropractor to bring in a massage therapist to perform these massages. That way they’re not pulled away from actually running their business and focusing on more high-value cases. 

They can usually work out a split, like 60/40, that way the chiropractor is actually generating leads and making money at the same time, yet they don’t have to take the risk by hiring the massage therapist full-time. 

  1. Create a reason to claim it now.

Last, you want to create scarcity and urgency. You want the prospect to feel like they have to act right now. If they know they can claim this freebie at any time, they’ll procrastinate. We want to push them into action right away. 

The easiest way to do this is to simply cap the number of massages you do each week. The chiropractor can decide what number is appropriate for their practice. Let people know, they have to act quickly before everyone else books the slots and the door is closed. 

Once we have these 4 pieces of the puzzle in place, something amazing has happened. We’ve gone from a simple freebie, which many companies have tried (with little to no success) and we’ve turned it into an irresistible offer. For the right person, it’s almost impossible for them to say no. 

Lead Capture

Now that we have our offer, we need to get it in front of our ideal customers. Once again, there are four critical components: 

  1. The Landing Page

We need to create a page that we can send people to where they can claim this offer. 

It can’t be a generic page either. It needs to use Crossfit words, phrases, and imagery. Our prospect needs to see the page and think, “They’re speaking my language!” 

Crossfit has its own culture and vibe. This page can’t feel like we’re pandering to their community, or taking advantage of them. If it does they’ll think we’re just trying to sell them something and their defenses will be up. 

But if they feel like we understand them and we’re one of them, they’ll be more inclined to take action.

  1. The Thank You Page

We also need to have a page where someone is directed after they claim their chair massage. 

For most online offers, like lead magnets or ebooks, this is simple to set up. The thank-you page just has a link where they can download their .pdf. Or it confirms that they successfully claimed the offer and it will be showing up in their inbox. 

Our page is more complex though. We need to tell the prospect that they successfully claimed the massage, and direct them to call the chiropractic office to schedule the appointment. 

And here’s where it gets difficult: without being able to track the call, we’ll have no way of analyzing if our ad dollars are well spent or not. We need to use a special phone number that lets the business know that the call came from this ad campaign.  We’ll talk about how to do this later. 

And for an added incentive to get people to book right away, you should offer something like this: “Want an extra 10 minutes in your massage? Call in the next 15 minutes to upgrade your appointment”. This pushes them to book right away.

  1. The Facebook Ad

Once these pages are built, we need to start driving traffic to it. We need to put it in front of eyeballs, and Facebook ads are the easiest and most inexpensive way to do so. 

Your ad targeting will mostly be the things we talked about in the offer section: females, aged 25-35, within a certain radius of your target city (I choose 10 miles), and fans of Crossfit. 

As you start typing in Crossfit, you’ll see several options: Crossfit gyms, Crossfit training, Crossfit games, and more. Select the most relevant ones until you get to an audience size of at least 15,000. 

  1. Dynamic Targeting

Dynamic targeting means that we don’t want to pick one group of people and constantly bombard them with an offer. Soon everyone will have seen our ad and made up their mind already. 

But the thing is, every day new people move into our target city. Every day new people join Crossfit gyms. Every day new people see Crossfit on TV and become intrigued. And everyday Crossfitters feel sore from a heavy workout. 

Luckily our Facebook ad automatically updates itself to include anyone who “swims into our net.” This way we can let our ads run, and it’s constantly being shown to new people who become our ideal prospects. 

Create these pages and set up your ads, and you’ll have a steady stream of new leads flowing into your chiropractic client’s office. 

The Follow Up

There’s one crucial step you must add to skyrocket your amount of leads. 

A lot of people that see your ads and click through to the landing page are going to get interrupted. The phone is going to ring, or they’re going to forget to check their inbox. We have to follow-up and complete the transaction. 

We do this a few ways…

First is with an email confirmation. When they click submit on the landing page to claim their chair massage, we’ll automatically send them an email that has the same phone number and information that is listed on the thank you page. (And most importantly, it has to have the same phone number that lets us track the lead.) That way if they don’t call right away while the thank you page is open, they’ll still have the information in their inbox. 

We’ll also send a text message encouraging them to book the massage as well. I’ve found that contacting people on multiple channels sends the conversion rate through the roof. 

If the person still doesn’t book, our system will send a second email 24 hours later prodding them to finish booking the appointment. 

And then lastly, if they still haven’t booked, we’ll have the receptionist at the chiropractic office call them to book the appointment. 

A lot of people will think this sounds like overkill. “If the lead hasn’t made the appointment on their own, why should we chase after them?” You’d be surprised how often people say, “Thank you so much for following up with me! I really want the free massage, but I just haven’t had time to call you. I appreciate you being persistent.” 

The Internal Upsell

Everything we’ve covered so far takes us from putting an offer in front of a prospect and getting them to book the appointment. 

But now here comes the most important part…

Our goal isn’t to get them to come in, get a free massage, and then leave and never come back again. That’s like people that go to Costco to eat the free samples but don’t actually buy anything. 

The goal is to get them to come in twice. Once they walk through the door for the second time and pay for a service, then they’re actually our customer. 

There are four steps to doing this:

  1. The Parting Gift

When the client comes in for their free massage, we’re going to give them something for free to thank them for coming in. 

It’s not just a free gift though. It’s actually something specifically designed to get them to come back. I call it…

  1. The Clincher Offer

We’re going to hand them a red envelope. Inside is a letter that grants them a 60-minute massage for 50% off if they book in the next 24 hours. This is how you turn your free chair massage into real business. 

And you can actually instruct your chiropractic client to train the massage therapist to help close this deal as well. As they do the chair massage, have them identify problem areas. For example, “I can see this muscle is really tight. That’s a common problem with Crossfitters, and it can lead to injury if untreated. I’m sure the doctor can look at it and give you an adjustment.” 

By working together, the massage therapist and chiropractor can generate business for one another. The chiropractor is running ads that generate leads and bring in the free massage clients (and some will book future appointments), and then the massage therapist is helping book chiropractic patients. 

  1. Viral Spread Offer

After the client comes in for their second appointment, have the receptionist give them referral cards. The bearer of the card is entitled to a free chair massage. 

And then for every appointment that is booked, the person that gave the referral card gets a free table massage. This is how you turn happy clients into a marketing machine. 

The best part is that as people start making referrals, your lead costs drop. That’s because you pay for the initial Facebook ads, but the more people that become raving evangelists, the more leads you generate for free. 

  1. The Testimonial 

As the free chair massage clients turn into regular patients, have them give a testimonial, either on video or in written form. Now you have content to put on your chiropractic client’s website, post on social media, or run in ads. 

When used together, these four strategies move leads through the whole life cycle. It initially gets them in the door, gets them to come back, and turns them into raving fans that generate more business for free. 

How To Land Chiropractic Clients Seamlessly And Painlessly

You now have the exact blueprint to grow a chiropractic office. And it works. I used this strategy to grow my own chiropractic practice. 

And it worked so well that countless Chiropractors asked me for help, I consulted for them and generated massive results, and that’s how I got my start in online marketing. And in the years since then, this strategy has never failed to amaze me in how well it works. 

You have to be able to actually put it in front of chiropractic clients who are willing to pay you though. 

I recommend setting up a 15-minute presentation where you go through everything I just explained. You can use this article as an outline. You can call local chiropractors and set it up in-person, or do it over Zoom. 

I want you to remember two things as you give your presentation: enthusiasm and authority. 

You must be enthusiastic about your pitch. If you don’t seem excited and passionate about the offer, how is the Chiropractor going to be excited to sign up?

And you need to speak from a position of authority. If you say, “Well, here are some things that might work. What do you want to do?” It doesn’t inspire confidence. They want you to be the reassuring expert that says, “Trust me, this is going to work. I’ve got everything under control.” 

At the end of the presentation ask, “What questions do you have?” And then just be quiet. 

One of the first questions is going to be price. Tell them, “Give me 2-3 months. If you’re not making at least 3x what you’re paying me, then we stop. I don’t do contracts, so all the pressure is on me to deliver.” This removes the risk and creates a relaxed selling situation. 

If they give pushback I always say, “If you didn’t want to change, and if you wanted to keep doing the same things and getting the same results, would you have booked a meeting with me in the first place?” I’ve always found this is to be effective in helping give people the courage to take action. 

And if it doesn’t, it’s important to keep this in mind: if they don’t want to make a few small changes, they’re not going to get results and they’re going to blame you. 

The right client will immediately start thinking about taking action. When you tell them they’ll need to find a massage therapist, they’ll say “I know the perfect person, I’ll call them now.” But if they start thinking of excuses and showing that they’re resistant to change, save yourself the trouble and just walk away. 

How To Set This Up

Once you get chiropractic clients signed up, you need to actually build out the campaign. There are a lot of moving pieces: 

  • Building the landing page
  • Building the thank you page
  • Writing the emails
  • Scheduling the text messages
  • Creating the trackable phone number

And of course, you need to integrate all of these pieces so they talk to each other and so that everything happens automatically. 

For years I did this all manually. I used ClickFunnels, Active Campaign, Zapier, a text messaging service, and several more tools. I had to cobble everything together to make it work. And the worst part is that it was always breaking. Someone would push out an update and suddenly I had to go back through and find where the problem was. Every time that happened meant lost leads and wasted ad spend. 

I knew there had to be a better way, so I finally decided to do something about it. I created a piece of software called MeetRoost. It does everything we’ve covered in this article and more:

  • Build landing pages
  • Design Facebook ads
  • Create email autoresponders
  • Send text messages automatically
  • Track leads and conversion
  • And more

(You can learn about everything it does in this article.)

I created it specifically for agency owners like you. Well… I actually created it for myself, but I’m an agency owner like you! 

Now you can approach chiropractic clients and pitch them this strategy. When you sign them up you don’t have to pull your hair out wondering how in the world you’re actually going to deliver on your promises. Instead, you just log in to MeetRoost, start a new campaign, and in minutes you’ll be running traffic into their funnel. 

And MeetRoost isn’t just software. It’s actually proven campaigns that are currently generating leads and revenue for real businesses. 

For example, we talked about how a great landing page needs to have sales copy and imagery specific to the Crossfit community. Rather than waste your time split testing copy and doing graphic design, you simply click one button and pre-made pages and emails will automatically get loaded into your campaign. We’ve done all of the hard work of building and testing everything. Now you just have to move the ball across the goal line. 

MeetRoost is also a community. We’re assembling a group of hungry and hard-working agency owners that are dedicated to building thriving businesses that make a huge impact in their communities. Our mission is to save the world by saving small business, and we want you to join us! Click here to learn more

If you have any questions, drop a comment below. Good luck with your chiropractic clients, and we hope to see you inside of MeetRoost!

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