MeetRoost January 19th Updates

January 19, 2022 Updates

In this video you see the following updates:

Widget Updated: We had a customer write in to let us know that on his Widget the (Enter Your Email and Name) boxes were blank when placed on his website. We took a look a the issue and noticed the website had a piece of code that blocked the text from showing. We have made an update to the widget so it will still show.

Landing Page: We have a few amazing updates on the Landing Page. When you go to funnel settings you will now see the option to collect the Business Name and Phone number. This will be excellent for adding in your prospective client’s information to easily view in the stat section.

Landing Page: We have added some updates to the Thank you Page. You now have the option of adding in a call to action button and a timer. If you want to add in additional bonuses that are timed this timer will be perfect. The call to action button you can link them to a pdf, website, link to book appointment, etc.

Email Optin: We had a customer write in to let us know that an email address that contained a hyphen was not being accepted when they opted in. We have made an update to the system to accept email addresses with a hyphen and/or a plus sign.

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